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Back pain is not new to people who travel frequently. Frequent fliers often complain of back pain and neck pain, which might hamper normal life considerably. Instead of ignoring the problem, it is important that the right methods are chosen so that while traveling one does not feel any kind of back pain. And for that, you do not need to take any drastic steps or some very expensive measures.

Following some simple tricks and tips will help in keeping back pain at bay while traveling:

Motion is important for the body even while traveling–Using the 30 minute rule is very important in this case. It is important that after every 30 minutes, you must change position. Though the change is a brief one, it will help in preventing back pain on the long run. If you are driving while traveling, back pain is quite common. It is recommended to drive for 1-1.5 hours and then stop for some time. Walk a little or stretch a little so that your back and neck feel relaxed. If you are traveling by plane, get up from the seat from time to time and walk the aisle. There are also some simple exercises which you can do even while you are seated and your back can be prevented from getting stiff. A pelvic tilt can be done while sitting in the car or in the plane for mimicking the sit-to-stand motion.


Do not tuck your legs up or under the seat on long road trips–When you are traveling, particularly on a long road trip, it is recommended not to tuck your legs under or up on the seat. Medical professionals opine that sitting in this position leads to squishing of the soft tissues in the hip and knee area. The overall result is that the muscles become shortened. When you try unfolding from this position, it is obvious to feel extremely stiff from positioning when you sit in the same position for long stretches of time. In this, the nerves and blood vessels remain compressed and a pin-like feeling, tingling sensation is felt which is quite uncomfortable. Thus, it is recommended not to keep the legs tucked under and upon the seat on long trips.



Concentrate on certain activities that need to be changed when on a long flight or on a long road trip–There are many activities which might cause neck and back pain while traveling via road or even during the flight. To relieve these, you have to bring in certain changes in the activities. If you need to spend a long time on the plane or the car, use a lumbar roll in the form of sweatshirt, towel etc. to provide proper support to the back. The object for the lumbar support should be placed just below the small of the back, above the hips.


Shuffle your Weight: You might have to stand in long queues at security checks in airports and these might lead to back aches and neck pains. Try keeping the weight equal between both the feet. You must also learn to shift the weight back and forth. To reduce the stress on the spine, try propping your foot on the bag or on something.


Use a Neck Pillow: Back pain or neck pain can also be caused when you tend to sleep in a wrong position in the plane or in the car on long drives. Using a neck pillow is highly recommended as they have proven to be really good and safe. Using a neck pillow ensures that the spine remains in better alignment. If you are resting in an upright position, it puts lots of stress and pressure on the neck and spine. Using the neck pillow will reduce this pressure to quite an extent. In case you don’t have a neck pillow, you can use a small blanket, a sweatshirt, or a towel roll and wrap it around the neck.



Pick up things carefully: It might happen that small and light objects fall down on the ground or floor and you need to pick it up. Use the golfer’s lift technique for picking up the object. Kick one leg behind and bend at the hip by keeping the low back in a straight position. One arm should be used for picking up the object and the other should be used for some kind of support.


Back and neck pain can also be caused by lifting heavy objects or luggage off the ground. For this problem, it is important that you use the right stance or posture. Wide stance with the feet should be adopted and one must squat down. The butt should be in back direction and the weight of the body should be on the heels.


Try keeping stress under control while traveling–Stress is a major contributor to back pain and neck pain, even while you are traveling long distance via car or by flight. Lower back pain can be aggravated by stress. If you want to prevent back pain, it is important that you keep your stress levels under control.


Planning ahead for a trip is useful. Make a list and see that everything is done likewise. In this way, you will have no tension of missing out on anything. Also with a plan, you will have extra time in hand so that you can arrange something when the plan doesn’t work out completely. Planning ahead helps in managing all kinds of stressful situations.


Instead of stressing yourself out on something, seek help as needed. If someone offers to help you in some way in the journey, let them help you. This will make things easy for you as well as for them. Trust me, there should be no shame in this.

Following these things is nothing tough or impossible, particularly when you need to travel frequently. Until and unless your body copes with the travel stress, you will not be able to undertake the journey. Also try some free hand exercises and some yoga at home regularly to keep a healthy mind and body.



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