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Family trips are more than just a rewarding experience. They are true adventures that allow you to see and experience the world through your children’s eyes. However, travelling with children can also be a bit challenging and exhausting, especially if they are still very young. Thus, it’s important that you find the most convenient and comfortable way to travel and road trips might be perfect for your family. Hitting the road will enable you to travel at your own pace, make unpredictable stops and turns and even save more money. Road trips are also a great way to teach your children about preserving the environment and eco-conscious travelling.


Road adventureWhile there are plenty of things to plan when going on a road trip with your family, finding the best car is perhaps the most important one. You need to find a reliable and comfortable vehicle suitable for different types of roads and with a lot of space for your luggage. Going with an eco-friendly alternative will be an additional benefit that will save you some money on gas while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Determine your budget

Buying a new car can be on the expensive side, especially if you’re looking into new models. However, keep in mind that this is a long-term investment and if you pick the perfect car for your family, it will serve you for the years to come. Nonetheless, it’s still important that you define your budget. When doing so, you should consider not only the initial price of the vehicle, but also gas mileage and estimated service and repair expenses per year.

Think about your travelling plans

Travel Plans

Your plans for your family road trip will also determine the type of car you need. If you’re planning to go on a long trip, you’ll need a car with plenty of legroom, comfortable seats and enough room for your luggage and additional equipment. Furthermore, the type of car will also depend on your itinerary because going to a mountain and hitting an open highway is significantly different. Going with a versatile vehicle that can be adjusted to different types of roads, with plenty of storage room and a roof rack is among the best choices.

Consider your family’s needs

Perhaps the most important step is to consider your family and your needs. Factors like family size, the age of your children of whether your pets will be joining you will greatly affect your car choice. If you have a big or growing family, a capable SUV with 7 seats will definitely be more appropriate than a small vehicle. If you have small children, you’ll need plenty of room for their car seats and additional equipment. On the other hand, if you have teen children who will start travelling with their friends soon, you won’t need as much space.

Research your options

Once you’ve considered different factors and have an idea of your ideal car, you should start researching your options. Keep in mind that the bigger the car, the more fuel it needs to move around, which means that it has a bigger impact on the environment. However, you can find a car with a hybrid powertrain and implement different tips that will help you reduce fuel consumption. Here are several possible options.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a great family vehicle with a lot of storage room, including the tailgate and rooftop storage. Furthermore, it’s a highly safe car with an all-wheel drive and 8.7 inches ground clearance. A 2.5-litre engine with 175 horsepower is a great option, but the 3.6-litre engine with 256 horsepower may be more appropriate for mountain terrains. In addition, you can find a used Subaru Outback in a great condition at a price of around $25,000.

Volkswagen Atlas

As a remarkable three-row crossover, the Volkswagen Atlas is another vehicle on the list for family road trips. It has plenty of storage with the cargo room of 55.5 cubic feet. This vehicle also comes with the towing capacity of approximately 5,000 pounds, so you can easily bring a trailer or a boat if you’re going on a longer trip. As for mileage, it has an 18/25 mpg EPA rating, which is quite impressive for this type of car. Finally, its starting price is around $34,425, so make sure to see how it fits in your budget.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is a model with a great EPA rating. It has fuel economy of 53 mpg on the highway and 51 mpg in the city, which will reduce your gas consumption significantly. This vehicle has a spacious and comfortable interior, which makes it suitable for families. It has a lot of trunk space, as well, allowing you to pack everything you might need. As for its price, it starts at $27,800, providing you with great value for money.

Family Roadtrip

Going on a family road trip will leave you with a truly enriching experience. However, it’s important that you have a vehicle that will provide you and your family with maximum comfort and allow you to truly enjoy your adventure.


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