So, you’re attraction owner/manager and thinking to add your attractions to museuly? It’s easy and free!

Let’s get started 😎

1. Create Own Profile

First, you will need to create own profile. Creating a profile on museuly is very simple. Just follow the link –
And enter full name, email and password.

create own profile

That’s it! After that you will be redirected to the personal page.

personal page

2. Add own attraction

To add your own attraction – you must click “Add Attraction” in top right corner or go to the link:

Add own attraction

After that you will be redirected to the page and you can choose a plan – free or $14.99.

choose plan

By choosing a plan, you just fill in the necessary information – location, description, contact information, links to social networks, website, photos, videos, and more. We also recommend adding updates – such as exhibitions or news from your attraction; prices; as well as a link to your booking page, where tickets for the attraction are sold.
After that you can immediately publish your attraction on museuly!

add info

3. Edit and update the attraction

Fantastic! You just added your first attraction to museuly! Of course, you will need to edit or update related information. To do this, in the personal menu, go to “Your Attractions” and then “Edit”.

edit attraction

After that, new page will open where you can make changes and save them. That’s it! 👍
Questions? Reach out to 👊

Give it a try and support museuly 💪

It’s free.


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