Why Hover glide backpack is perfect for hikers?

We all have had to carry backpacks maybe during a trip, hike or at school. The regular backpack can be annoying, especially if you are carrying a lot of stuff. It is said that when you are standing still, a 50 lb. load in your backpack exerts 50 lb. of force, which changes when you walk or run. When walking or running, the backpack can exert a force that is up to three times the weight you are carrying. Therefore, you may find that a 50 lb. load in your backpack exerting 150 lb. of force on your joints. This amount of force can be reduced by up to 86%.

This is what led HoverGlide to launch a new backpack design that seeks to reduce the amount of force that is exerted on a person carrying a heavy pack. The new backpack design has a full-on moving suspension system.

Patented Suspension System

HoverGlide’s new backpack design utilizes the patented double-frame and suspension system design which features two frames- a fixed frame and a moving frame. The fixed frame integrates the harness that users wear on their back while the moving frame integrates the bag and can move or simply slide relative to the fixed frame.

hoverglide backpack lightning pack

The suspension of the moving frame from the fixed frame utilizes a patented mechanism that reduces the shock which is tensioned in a way that when one is walking or run, the backpack maintains a constant height relative to the ground even as the person moves up and down.

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There are various travel and hiking packs that utilize a suspension system, but this is just internal braving that seeks to direct the weight from the user’s shoulders and onto the hips. HoverGlide’s new backpack design seeks to lower the additional weight that is induced by gravity that is created as the user’s torso moves up and down. The suspension mechanism tends to counter the move up and down such that the pack appears lighter as you walk or run.

According to Lightning Packs, the creators of HoverGlide, the suspension mechanism utilized in this new backpack design leads to a pack that feels 8-12 lbs. lighter than a regular backpack when one is walking or running. This is fairly good.

The Packs

HoverGlide is available is four distinct packs; the 55 Trekker, 30L Tactical, 30L Hiker and 28L Commuter.

The 55 Trekker is ideal for those who need more space to carry more stuff. The pack comes on a larger 24’’ frame. The pack, according to its creator, has a capacity of up to 55 litres. It has a rugged feature and is very tough making it for backcountry adventures. The backpack has a sleeve which acts as a hydration reservoir and well-placed zippers and pockets which ensure the safety of your gear and at the same giving you easy access to your essentials.

The HoverGlide 30L Tactical backpack is ideal for people who engage in long training runs like the military personnel due to its ability to reduce the weight of heavy supplies on your body.

The 30L Hiker backpack, on the other hand, is ideal for hikers. It has enough room to hold your hiking gear, hydration and other hiking essentials. When you are going on short trips, this is the best backpack to use to carry your stuff.

The 28L Commuter backpack utilizes a patented 20” modular frame design. It is quite comfortable and is great for your daily commuting, cross-training or day hikes.

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