2019 is nearly over, and lots of people are already planning where they are going for their summer holidays in 2020.  Let’s face it, it gives us something to look forward to.  If you are someone who plans ahead, but not yet sure where to go – have a look at some of the top destinations we have scoped out for 2020.

Los Cabos

One of the main attractions of Los Cabos is that you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine all year round.  It is perfect for those of you who are looking forward to beautiful beaches and picturesque scenery.  Los Cabos has also added some luxurious resorts and spas that have made it even more popular in recent years.

There are some fantastic activities to enjoy such as Whale watching where you may even see an orca, and fishing is incredibly famous in Cabos.  For more sport, you may want to play at one of their renowned golf courses.  Los Cabos is also known for the nightlife.  Some prolific rock stars such as Sammy Hagar, Gene Simmons and others have opened clubs and restaurants there.


It’s probably of no surprise to you that Jamaica is on the list.  You can expect long sandy beaches, with clear blue seas.  To be honest, it doesn’t really matter which beach you visit in Jamaica – they are all magnificent and come with warm weather.  Jamaica is also home to some amazing cuisine.  You can try some of the local dishes such as jerk chicken, or saltfish.

Los Cabos

Reggae is also a big part of Jamaican culture – and you will find lots of fantastic live shows throughout the year.  Travelling to Jamaica gives you the chance to experience their unique culture – and you will be welcomed with open arms.


Mykonos is like a picture of paradise with their beautiful beaches with golden sands.  There are beaches suitable for those of you who like a bit of a party atmosphere, as well as more family friendly beaches.


The accommodation is also something that drives tourists to Mykonos.  The luxury Mykonos villas are as much as a reason to visit this Greek island than any other.  You will find beautiful views, fantastic scenery – and you can even enjoy infinity pools.  Contact BlueVillas for more information.  Mykonos is also a great place for foodies.  You can enjoy authentic Greek street food such as moussaka, gyros and more to get a taste of their culture.


Sorrento is the perfect location for those of you who fancy a trip to Italy.  You can reach Rome and Florence with ease, and it’s right at the stunning Amalfi coast.  It has high clifftops, which means you will be able to enjoy breath-taking views.  The Piazzo Tasso is the main square in Sorrento and where it all happens.

You will find fabulous authentic restaurants, lots of shops – and the beach is also close by.  This is a fantastic place to go, have a glass of wine and people watch.  When you visit the Corso Italia and the Via San Cesareo – you will find lots of gorgeous boutiques offering everything from painted to ceramics to lemons which are famous in Sorrento and of course used in their limoncello.


Orlando, Florida is of course the ultimate destination if you are going on a family holiday.  The magic of Walt Disney World will leave you and your children with lasting memories.  You can check out all of the amazing theme parks Orlando has to offer and meet some of your favourite Disney characters.  The experience is not quite like any other.

Orlando Florida

As well as the Disney attractions there are other highlights such as the Kennedy Space Centre, and Madame Tussauds.  For those of you who are foodies – you will definitely want to visit Winter Park which is just a short drive from Orlando.  It is home to world class restaurants – and has over 140 shops and boutiques to explore.  You can also get some culture at the Orlando Museum of Art.  Although known for theme parks, Orlando is becoming much more prominent in the art scene.  There is lots to do in Orlando, and it’s definitely a dream vacation for children.


To sum it up

If you are already thinking about where you want to go on your holiday’s next year – hopefully we have given you some food for thought with our list of top destinations.  It’s always a good idea to plan in advance, then you can look forward to a trip that is hitch-free.

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