8 Incredible Tourist Destinations in Japan You Can’t-Miss

As food plays a crucial role in our life, the same way travelling goes with it. Travelling is something which serves as a fuel to our soul, giving us a fascinating journey to cherish. The stress of continuous work needs a change in life. 

Giving a treat to yourself as a globetrotter, or taking yourself along with the family for excursion imparts an opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh the soul.

The beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, the beauty of diverse cultures, sumptuous food and no dearth of happiness just make your experience go mind-blowing. All you need to decide is about the charm where you desire to visit.

How about among all the wonders of the world, you travel to Japan in East Asia.

You can have a sight of distinctive gardens, traditional arts, serene temples, lush green parks, and much more. Moreover, there is no chance for you to ponder over what to see and to do, where to live and how to spend time. 


Japan is a country where every age traveller can have things to explore. You get lured towards to most fascinated and amazing views of this place. You must keep JAPAN ON TOP OF YOUR TRAVEL BUCKET LIST


Japan has several places, and things to disclose, however on the top of your travel itinerary must be Kyoto. The city embraces geisha hurrying down streets and rich in ancient tradition. The geisha in kimonos emerge from forests of bamboo, shrines, wooden teahouses and raked gravel Zen gardens. 

Explore Kyoto dazzle with the shine of sites like red torii gates of Fushimi Inari shrine, Kurama-Dora temple, experiencing luscious cuisine at Tenryu-Ji temple, and off the beaten track at Otagi Nenbutsuji temple. 

Being in Kyoto, you will witness much crowd; however, that is what it makes the place looks different and to enjoy among aboriginal people. This voyage is definitely a way to escape from a busy life.


To witness the utterly gorgeous place, Takayama will not put you down. It is a small town, away from the hustle of the city life, near the northern Alps. It has embraced the unique parts considered as the old towns of Japan. 

In Takayama, you are not supposed to miss the walk in beautiful mornings, museums, exhibition halls viewing extravagant floats, being at Hida Folk Village to have a glimpse of traditional thatched houses.

To relish the cuisines, try mitarashi-Dango available at a street stall, a combination of delicious grilled rice balls in soy. Also, buy some fruits from the morning markets to savour the sweetness of the place. 

Even more, the travellers can try some adventure sports there in Takayama and have a view of the waterfall to feel the difference. 

Visit Takayama, make your own experience!


Have you ever seen the living style of monks? Do you know how they live and what they do? If no, then this is a great chance to be in Koya-san or to say Mount Koya where life has a different meaning. 

Picture Source: Japanvisitor

Koyasan is an exuberant place which is sacred and traditional where the holiday-makers can get acquainted with Japanese religious life. This place is secluded in forest-covered mountains where the voyage will not only cover the beauty of nature but give a taste of monk life. You will undergo the verve of bliss and heaven spirits. 

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Soak yourself in vim of Buddhist temples!



The legacy of the world lies in Hiroshima, Japan, where the tragedy occurred in August 1945. In history, it was the first city where an atomic bomb dropped. It is a place where you can have a sight of Peace Park, Peace Memorial Museum, and Peace Memorial. 

Image Credit: Pixabay

The voyagers can come any day as it remains open. Also, another attraction here is Miyajima Island, which boasts the architecture and culture of Japan. Even the Itsukushima Shrine attracts tourists from different corners of the world. 

Feel the peace of mind and serenity of heart!



Picture Source: Flickr


The land of beautiful gardens, teahouses, and buzzing markets, Kanazawa is the eminent city in Japan. You may not know that Kanazawa signifies “marsh of gold.” The interesting fact is that an aboriginal person in search of potatoes found flakes of gold while digging. 

While exploring this place, don’t forget to visit Kenrolu-en garden, which means “garden of six.” The six denotes water, antiquity, human ingenuity, seclusion, spaciousness, and scenic views. It is a 200-year-old garden where you can explore ponds, statues and capture the picturesque views. 

Other than this, entertainment source is available named Higashi Chaya where you can see teahouses, Museum of Contemporary Art and Omicho market where fish lovers can taste delicious seafood. Make sure in the Kanazawa itineraries; don’t leave Kanazawa Castle, Nagamachi district and good living places. 



Add a new location to visit named Nikko which is though a small town, but own lavish shrine and mausoleum of Tokugawa Leyasu. The Nikko National Park here is yet a new destination to visit where numerous wild monkeys, adrenaline hiking trails, lakes, and waterfalls are awaiting. 

Picture Source: Theplanetd


Try to take out a day to visit Nikko as this spectacular place will bring new colours in your life and will transform the meaning of enjoyment. The locations here will itself drag you towards. 

Don’t miss the excitement of time!



Tokyo is an unmissable part of Japan which allures most of the tourists. It is a blend of karaoke bars, old places with a buzz of the new and energizing place. You can witness busy pedestrians, youth fashion, and noisy arcades and can try weird activities which you have never performed. 

Tokyo makes you experience a place named Naoshima, a small island, which is amazing for a family excursion. Your eyeballs can be stuck at some great spots like the Lee Ufan Museum, Chichu Art Museum and much more. 

After a long expedition around the place, you can savour incredible food at Tokyo restaurants, which can serve you diverse cuisines. Then after this, keep in mind to go for go-karting and some other escapades. 



There are many magnificent places in Japan, and they embrace the fascinating things for people to see. Similarly, without neglecting, Odaiba is a place located in Tokyo Bay where sports and shopping allures you. It is just around Rainbow Bridge and boasts of great attractions. 

After reaching to Odaiba, firstly visit the impressive and colossal shopping malls giving a glimpse of Ferris wheel and other fun activities. Then afterwards, along with kids enjoy being in the theme park named Oedo Onsen Monogatari. The fact is that you can visit the park for free. 


To conclude Japan Voyage

Just imagine, once a visit to Japan would definitely sway more towards this place only. You won’t think of returning to home. The fabulous attractions and a place to visit, which is one-of-the-kind, must be in your travel bucket list. 

As we can remain busy throughout the year, however, a few days with your family or as a wanderer will help to make lifetime memories. Once you imagine the places to visit, you will definitely think of returning. 



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