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Nobody exactly knows, what go curry cracker means exactly…

But, in overall it became a synonym to traveling the world full-time or retiring early and travel the world.

This is exactly what happened to Jeremy and his wife, founders of GoCurryCracker.com, who are now traveling the world full time.

Here are some travel tips from Jeremy.


Here are some other tips, which may help you to reach your full-time travel dream, similar to GoCurryCracker.com

It is always important to plan your trips. Setting out on your trip without proper preparation could be disastrous. A trip that is not well-planned could give you the worst experience, a kind of experience you do not want to have every in your life. So it is wise to plan for your trips carefully. I don’t think anyone would set out on a trip without planning, but the question remains, how do you plan your trips?

Here are the tips and tricks that you can use to plan and organize your trips through countries and save some money while aiming for gocurrycracker.

Trip Planning

Trip planning involves taking into consideration a lot of factors including destination options, flights, intermediate travel options, a place to sleep, plan about the activities or things to do, and finally purchasing an insurance cover.

  1. Destinations

You might be a seasoned traveller thus you will not be committed to a single destination. There are options are like going for summer in Europe, relaxing on Caribbean beach or visiting a particular destination in the US. So you want to identify all the destinations that you want to visit and have everything recorded.

  1. Flights

Most of the times we don’t have control over the flights and they could the most expensive part of a trip. Your go should be to frame the trip. Book all the flights that you’re going to use throughout your trip. There are tools that can be of great help in flight planning. The tools can be found online and some have great features whereby they can graphically show you airfare to multiple destinations from your target airport. You can actually find cheaper flights on the tools too.

  1. Consider Intermediate Travel

Considering the intermediate travel is always important if you want a successful trip. Intermediate travel could include bus, train or plane.  In this stage, you could get invaluable help from using online tools too that will give answers about how you can connect from one destination to another. The tools will give you the options to choose from and you will be at liberty to choose the best for you.

  1. Find a Place to Sleep

At the end of a busy day exploring you will want to go rest at a nice place. There are options to choose from including Airbnb, hotel or if you are lucky a friend’s place. At this stage, you should consider how long you intend to stay at a particular place. The length of your stay could determine if you will get a discount. For example, you could find a hotel that offers 5th night free when booked with points. Airbnb often offers discounts when you book for a whole week. Hotels are usually better especially if you arrive late. So be sure to look for those that offer good discounts.

  1. Plan Activities

When you get to your destination you will be interested in participating in various activities. In a new place, it would be wise to check out the travel wiki. This will show you a summary of the various neighbourhoods, a list of popular hotels and restaurants at various different price ranges, and maybe some cultural introduction or a bit of history of a particular place. When planning on activities, you want the list to be as flexible as possible. You could find better activities to engage in or you could find that some activities on your list are not available at a particular time. So flexibility is key.

  1. Travel Insurance

This is not essential, but it mostly applies if you are going to a country with very expensive medical care. So in case of any illness, your insurance will cover for the expenses.

  1. Packing

For a trip of any duration, you should pack all the life’s necessities and even some money to buy all the items you might forget.


This is actually a very simple guide that you will prove to be of great help to you through your entire trip. You should look for travel tools online that will make your trip even better, especially when it comes to planning your flights, a place to stay and the activities to participate in.




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