You might know Mexico for the famous drug deals and deadly murders or for sharing the border with the United States of America but the country has so much more to offer other then all this. The country is famous for its cultural heritage and the metropolitan lifestyles. You can enjoy the sands of the Puerto Vallarta for relaxing and water activities or enjoy the vibrant night life offered by the country. The country is rich in a lot of things all you have to do is explore them. Some the major tourist sites are listed below to help you with your tour to Mexico.
¥ Merida

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The city of Merida is a beautiful colonial city that has well preserved historic buildings that display the architectural work of the locals and the historic colonists of the country. You will find 17th century cathedrals that are made from the Mayan bricks. The scene is majestic and also displays the history of the Mayans. The city has various points where you can enjoy the live music all night long along with free snacks. You can also enjoy the local Yucatecan foods like cochinita pibil, papadzules, and panuchos in the city as well to enjoy the tour to its fullest.
¥ Tulum

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The beach is the only place in the world where you will find the ruins of the ancient Mayan. The waterfront of Mayans isnÕt found anywhere else in the world which makes the place quite historic for both the traveler and the Mexicans themselves. The beach is positioned in the less populated area which is why it is the best place to relax for tourist that are there to enjoy the natural beauty instead of the luxuries offered by the resorts. You will find small boutique resorts along the beach to stay in.
¥ Zihuatanejo

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If you are visiting Mexico to learn about its cultural and experience the whole customs and the cultural events going on in the country then this is the place for you. The beaches offer the striking sunsets that captivates you in its beauty and provides you with that inner peace you were looking for. You can find handmade local crafts and savor fish tacos in the area. The divers and the snorkelers can enjoy their activities as there are 30 m deep diving sites in the area.
¥ Cancun

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The city is best known for its wild night life that it offers to the visitors. You can enjoy the sands on the beaches, the bars in town and the inexpensive luxurious resorts all in one place. The place is also a house for a lot of natural beauty such as the network of caverns, lush jungles and peaceful cenotes.
¥ Guanajuato

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The city of Guanajuato is a world heritage city listed by the UNESCO World Heritage. The city is the house of colorful homes, busy streets and malls along with lavish colonial buildings. The city offers a Internacional Cervantino festival in the month of October for the art lovers. You can admire the majestic architecture of the city along with other destinations.

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