Top cities in Europe for a Road Trip

European Road trip


Europe truly is a remarkable place for embarking on a road trip. There are so many amazing countries, cities and towns to explore and whether you’re planning on driving across the entirety of the continent, or you’re just looking for road trip ideas within a certain country, the guide below will give you plenty of inspiration!

This extensive road trip guide below starts off in Scotland and finishes in North Spain!

Edinburgh – Scotland


Beginning your ultimate European road trip journey in the capital city of Scotland, you’re sure to find plenty of incredible things to do in Edinburgh.

From the Scott Monument to Edinburgh Castle, as well as tucking into some quintessentially Scottish cuisine, your road trip in Europe will be off to a great start!

Glasgow – Scotland



The one-hour drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow will take you along the M8; there’s not an awful lot of picturesque scenery to be enjoyed while driving but once you arrive in Glasgow, you’ll be able to enjoy the Glasgow Cathedral and the Glasgow Science Centre.

York – England

York, England

As you make your way into England, you’ll either drive passed the likes of Carlisle, Kendal and the Yorkshire Dales or you might take an alternative route from Glasgow and drive through Newcastle, Durham and the North Yorkshire Moors until you arrive in York.

Once in the Viking city, you’ll be blessed with stunning views of the York Minster, Betty’s Tea rooms and the City Walls.  

London – England

London, England


The capital city of England will be your next stop on your European road trip, after a 4-hour drive from York.

Driving in London can be incredibly hectic so you might want to avoid the city centre. However, if you do brave the infamous London traffic jams, then you’ll get to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye.

Paris – France


For the next part of your European road trip, you’ll have to take the ferry or the Eurotunnel which will take you around 6 hours to get from London all the way to the French capital city. Ensure you have your passport on you in your RV as you’ll be crossing a border to get into another country so you may be required to show proof of identification!

In Paris, you can explore the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.

Amsterdam – Netherlands



A five and a bit hours’ drive from Paris will land you in the Netherlands’ capital city; Amsterdam. You can either take the A1 (usually the fastest route) or the A4 and E19 which is more scenic and will have you driving through stunning towns in Belgium (taking around 6 hours).

Amsterdam is famed for its Red-Light District, unique coffee shops and plentiful canals and bridges. Make sure you spend lots of time hopping in and out of your RV to absorb the city’s culture.

Berlin – Germany


From Amsterdam to Berlin you’ll have a long drive ahead of you on the A2 (6 and a half hours) but you’ll be driving through the beautiful countryside until you reach the likes of the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building.

Prague – Czech Republic


As you make your way from Berlin to Prague, you’ll likely drive through Dresden where you can stop off for fuel (make sure you do this very regularly!), a bite to eat and a casual walk around Dresden for a few hours to stretch your legs.

In Prague, you’ll find beautiful sights of the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Old Town where you can pick up a delicious trdelnik treat.

Vienna – Austria


A 3-and-a-half hour drive south will see you arriving in Vienna, the capital of Austria. There’s plenty of stunning sights to see in Vienna such as the Schönbrunn Palace, the Belvedere Palace and the State Opera.

Budapest – Hungary


Continue further south into Europe along the A4 and M1 and you’ll arrive in the capital city of Hungary.

Budapest is a beautiful city abundant with charming buildings and architecture as well as plenty of delicious restaurants to indulge in.

Zagreb – Croatia

Traveling south-west in your RV will see you in Zagreb; the stunning city in Croatia.

Croatia is an idyllic place to stop off along your European road trip and you’ll get to see ancient churches and cathedrals within the city.

Florence – Italy

A much longer drive of almost 7 hours along the E70, past Ljubljana and Bologna and you’ll arrive in the Italian city of Florence. Known for its spectacular art and architecture, a stop off in Florence should be on your European road trip destination bucket list.

Rome – Italy

Top Rome attractions and things to do

To get to the capital city of Rome, you’ll need to drive the 3 hours along the A1 and E35. Rome is such a beautiful Italian city, complete with the famous sights of the Vatican City (a whole country in itself!), the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain.

When in Rome, it’s also imperative that you indulge in as much pizza, pasta and gelato as possible to fill you up before you make your way to the next (and final) stop on your road trip!

Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona, Spain

The final destination of your epic European road trip will be Barcelona. It’ll take you over 14 hours to get from Rome to Barcelona, but you’ll drive past dozens of spectacular towns and villages along the way. Not to mention that most of your journey will be spent driving along the Italian and Spanish coasts, so you’ll get to enjoy plenty of rest stops by the beach.

To sum it up

A European road trip is sure to be one of the best experiences of your life. Providing that you take good care when choosing the right RV for your journey (make sure to check out things like its surge protectors, the air conditioning and the state of the engine and breaks), as well as making sure its tyres are suitable and it’s tank always filled with enough gas, your road trip is sure to be epic!

Choosing a good RV is essential to the quality, comfort and safety of your road trip, so make sure you choose wisely!



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