What to do in Emporio le Sirenuse?

Emporio Le Sirenuse may be the chicest hotel in the world. The hotel is located in Positano, Italy and is run by a couple, Carla and her husband Antonio Sersale. Sersale is the main person in charge of the operation of a little hotel shop. Sersale was introduced into this family business as a newlywed by her father-in-law and was told she would be in charge of the shop. Today, the hotel has three boutiques. There are activities and excursions which are offered in the hotel which give you the opportunity to explore the coast from the sea on one of their hotel boats or you can choose to rent a private boat.

There are plenty of things you can around the hotel.

  1. Tour the Amalfi Coast

Touring the Amalfi Coast guarantees you an incredible and memorable experience, especially if you have the best guide who really know the place. When you have the best guide, he or she will take you to several incredible locations along the beautiful Amalfi Coast including the gorgeous small towns. For you to have an amazing experience in this place, you need to someone who has some great information about the history of the region.

  1. Go to Franco’s Bar

The Franco’s Bar is great for nightlife lovers. It has some amazing laissez-faire atmosphere and great music which are actually the main attractions for the bar. When you get later than five, you are likely to get people queuing up to enter the bar, so it is better to come a couple of minutes before five. Be sure to enjoy their good cocktails which are moderately priced. The bar is open daily according to their website.

  1. Go to Ravello

Ravello is located about one hour away from Positano and only 20 minutes away from Amalfi.  It Ravello is a cathedral built in 1086 which was later transformed in the 18th century. There is a bell tower which is still original and features the Arab or Norman style. At the entrance, you will find two bronze doors which are cast in 1179. Inside the cathedral, there is a pulpit that is covered with mosaic as well as ambo from the 12th century with mosaics which represent Jonah and the Whale.

  1. Visit Old Naples

Old Naples is about 1 ½ hour from Positano and is great to take a full day tour from Le Sirenuse. This is an ancient city which was the capital of the Reign of the two Sicilies and of the reign of Naples for many centuries. It has a rich history and is crowded with beautiful monuments and churches. In Old Naples, you will find monuments and churches like Santa Chiara which is the burial ground of the Angevines, San Lorenzo Maggiore which fine gothic chapels and great works of art that are highly valued in this region, and the Chapel of San Severo which features a vivacious baroque interior.

  1. Go shopping at Emporio Della Ceramica

Emporio Dell Ceramica is a place where you will find a great selection of Italian ceramic tradition. All the ceramic items are made in Italy. The staff who work there including the owner are very friendly and they are always ready to educate you about the different pieces until you find the item that really impresses you.

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