What are Top 7 Best Places for Camping Around the World?

Camping is a treasured activity for a niche audience. Most people associate vacation with comfortable hotels and deck chairs by the beach, but a rare few find utter satisfaction in a challenge provided by open wilderness. Of course, camping tourism has become a lot safer and carefree, should you choose to have a more laid back experience, so if you decide to get in touch with nature, here are top places for camping around the world.

1. Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

You have probably heard a lot about the indescribable beauties of Alaska. Some parts of it – like Denali National Park – looks like Iceland on steroids. It is a nearly alien landscape, vast and uninhibited, with gargantuan mountain ranges hidden behind clouds in the distance. The jagged peak of Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America, is truly something to behold. Naturally, a renowned and gorgeous national park such as this has more than its fair share of campsites for wilderness-hungry adventurers. For more destinations in North America check outdoorwithj.

2. Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box exotic camping experience, the emerald expanses of Simien Mountains in Ethiopia might just be your cup of tea. It is a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site for a good reason. The diverse and extremely dynamic biome in the national park is a wonder to marvel at – of course, from the safety of a robust 4×4 vehicle. The mountains look like they have been eroded by a million-year-old ocean that has slowly dried up, the cliffs and chasms will keep you mesmerized and trepidatious in equal measure, and the lush flora and fauna around you are bound to keep your interest.

3. Hossa National Park, Finland

Most national parks so beloved among the globetrotters have been established at least decades ago, but Hossa National Park is a wonderful opportunity to explore a territory that has only recently become protected. Established on June 17, 2017, this fortieth national park in Finland was first a grand hiking area. It has therefore been established as a beloved camping region long before 2017, and now the protection of the surrounding nature ensures that it will remain so for years to come. Hossa National Park is an excellent choice for wild campers that revel in a challenging adventure. Fortunately, there are still shelters, cabins and designated spots for campfires in the case you find the experience too exhausting. 

4. Sunshine Coast, Queensland

If you want to have a comfy camping experience at the convenient distance from the necessary institutions and establishments, the finest Sunshine Coast camping spots are exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are at the beachfront or near the hinterland, you’ll always be a comfortable drive away from a pharmacy or a convenience store. Located circa 80 kilometers north of Brisbane, this peri-urban area on the coast of the Pacific is a stellar representation of a balanced fusion between nature and civilization. As such, it is a guiding example of eco-friendly urbanization and a perfect destination for green-motivated travelers.

5. Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

When it comes to praising natural landscapes, one needs to take at least sentence or two in order to sell it, but when it comes to New Zealand, the two words that comprise the name of this country can be quite enough. The vast group of islands that boasts two gargantuan landmasses and at least six hundred other fragments of land is a playground of natural beauties, but Mount Cook National Park is probably the best place to start if this is your first time in New Zealand. The eponymous Mount Cook itself – known as Aoraki to the Maori people – is the highest mountain in the country and it offers a variety of breath-taking vantage points and expansive sites that will leave you in awe.

6. Wadi Rum, Jordan

The legendary Wadi Rum is to deserts what Vancouver is to cities – a backdrop that can play countless locations on film. It played Sahara in David Lean’s monumental Lawrence of Arabia, Mars in several films including The Red Planet and The Martian and sometimes – just sometimes – it may have played itself. This should tell you all you need to know about how utterly magical and beautiful this arid region looks. For a hot and dry camping adventure with ‘1001 Nights’ appeal, you can go on a week-long trip that includes spending enchanting nights in Bedouin tents. It is an amazing experience for families.

7. Samothraki, Greece

‘Pahia ammos’ beach at Samothraki island in Greece

Are you in the mood for some mischief? Officially, free camping is prohibited in Samothraki, Greece, however, the coastline is so beautiful that this has rarely stopped enthusiastic campers from enjoying some beachside tent-dwelling. And as a matter of fact, locals are pretty chill about this as long as you behave and respectfully clean up after yourself. It sounds like a good deal, right?

Vacation can be glamorous and relaxed, slow and laid back. The idea itself often invokes a sense of serenity in feeling pampered and rewarded for a year-worth of efforts back home. However, some people find it only too exciting to seek serenity in an experience that requires effort itself – something that is rewarding in its own way – and this is where camping comes in. Setting up a tent, igniting a fire and preparing a meal on pure smoldering embers can be a Zen experience like no other, especially once you lay back and gaze up at the stars.

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