Top 7 Hidden Gems to Check out in Brisbane


Australia is one of the most coveted travel destinations for globetrotters of all sorts. You’ll find the millennial business crew exploring the beautiful streets of Melbourne, while the surfing folk head to Sydney for that perfect wave. With its stunning coast and impeccable culture, Australia is indeed a deserving destination for any travel enthusiast. However, certain spots have been neglected for too long, and Brisbane has only recently become a renowned city on many a traveler’s bucket list.

If you’re about to venture to the Land of Down Under and you’re in need of perfect destinations to explore, rest assured that this charming and innovative city will not disappoint. Let’s take a look at the five most desirable gems Brisbane hides in its embrace, so that you can experience the genuine Aussie life and immerse yourself in that local vibe!

Coochiemudlo Island

You’ve only just arrived and we’re already sending you to locations that surround the city itself, but this one will certainly be worth your while. It’s a fairly known fact that Australia is brimming with islands, some more secluded than others, and that you can explore a fair portion of them whether you’re on your own, with a loved one, or an entire family for that matter. A great example is the Coochiemudlo island off the coast of Brisbane, just hidden enough to make you feel as if you’re on an exotic vacation.

You can enjoy a kayak ride with your youngsters, dip your toes in the translucent waters and spend quality time sunbathing, or make your own little BBQ for that perfect outdoor experience. Just make sure you’re following all the safety rules of the island and the coast, so that you can have a wonderful day trip, hassle and issue-free. However, it’s always wise to get comprehensive travel insurance before you embark on your journey. That way, you’ll be covered no matter what and have a peace of mind for the duration of your travels.

Locally-made ice-cream at Ungermann Brothers

Are you a foodie at heart and eager to taste the finest flavors Australia has to offer? You’re in luck, because Sydney and Melbourne are not the only cities in the country that deserve your attention for their impeccable menu. In fact, Brisbane is one of those up-and-coming foodie destinations that are quickly becoming more popular with travelers from all over the globe.

If you’re there during the warm (or hot is more like it) season, you’ll find that a few scoops of their locally-made ice-cream is the best refreshment you could wish for. A perfect place to start your flavor escapades: Ungermann Brothers! You’ll find that their menu is filled with unusual flavors (think: roasted garlic), but in case you’re a lover of traditional tastes, worry not, you’ll find their classic chocolate and caramel as delicious as any ice-cream can get. Just to be on the safe side, check for any allergens before you buy!

Enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar

Just like the larger metropolises in the neighboring regions, Brisbane is home to some of the classiest bars you could imagine. Yes, we’re talking about those wonderful places perched atop a roof of a building, together with a serene pool to dip your toes in, and a cocktail menu you’ll want to sample in its entirety.

If you’re eager to feel the thrill of rooftop dining and enjoy a majestic view of Brisbane, then a rooftop bar such as Sixteen Antlers should be right up your alley. Although it’s a luxurious spot, you’ll find that the crowd is unpretentious, and your time there will be as serene as the daytrip to the little island off the coast of the city – just with a different skyline this time.

Hit the museum scene

Just like its more popular siblings, Brisbane is a cultural hub that will give you a multitude of outing options to explore its cultural heritage and its take on modern art as well. Brisbane is home to many museums and galleries that are truly mesmerizing and their exhibits will dazzle everyone from the art aficionado to a complete rookie.

Take your time when you visit the Queensland Museum and Sciencenter, where you and your kids will have an extraordinary time through several floors of interactive art and educational collections. For your dose of contemporary art, head to Philip Bacon Galleries, one of the most respected treasure troves of art on the territory of Australia.

Take on a Brisbane Greeter tour

We’ve already mentioned the idea of experiencing the city like a local. To do that in the best possible way, you should do what any tourist would love to do in a foreign city, and book your time with Brisbane Greeters, a group of eager volunteers who can give you a unique, local take on meandering the city.

This is by far one of the finest ways to ask anything you can come up with, get suggestions on the best eateries, coffee spots, bathing hideouts, and anything else for that matter.

Treat yourself to a spa outing

While the city center does have its own charms, the less famous neighborhoods of Brisbane are every bit as alluring and charming as the center. Head out to Brookfield which is less than half an hour from the heart of Brisbane, and book a day at the local spa by the name of One Wybelenna, for a taste of true Aussie zen.

If you’ve always dreamed of dipping your entire self into chocolate, you’ve come to the right place. Their chocolate scrub feels as delicious as it sounds, and your skin will love it, too. You can choose from a wide range of other majestic treatments, from massages, all the way to bathing rituals and Ayurvedic therapy. There’s no better way to get a glimpse of that healthy Aussie lifestyle than to book a day of pampering.

Time-travel on a steam train

Museums aren’t the only ones that help you appreciate our modern lifestyle while they grant you a first-row seat to see the past. In fact, one particular activity in Brisbane is a playful take on public transportation and sightseeing mixed into a single deal. Certain Sundays every month are reserved for offering you a ride on an actual steam train, so you can take a unique tour of Brisbane.

This little adventure, adequately named Steam Train Sunday is not your typical touristy experience, and you’ll find that it offers a vintage way to explore the city and see its most stunning stops through a unique lens.


While still in the shadow of its more popular city siblings, Brisbane is slowly getting more global attention from the travelling community. Add these little gems to your must-see list, and you’re going to create a truly remarkable experience that will only inspire you to keep exploring the incredible land of Down Under!

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