Best travel gadget in 2019?

Traveling is really fun but planning the trip, getting to the destination and losing out on some of the comforts back at your home is a struggle. Especially if you are the people of contemporary Digital Age who have their own way of enjoying a trip, then there are some things you should definitely bring along with you.

Even if you are a pro at packing your bags because you have travelled so many times before, there is always something you will tend to forget while packing for your next trip. May it be a toothbrush or your travel adapter, something always gets left behind. I never forget important things such as a passport, phone and credit card, but I always tend to forget something. I always make sure I always take my 3-way plug when I visit Bangkok because most hotels have 2-way sockets which I find extremely disappointing.

Travelling with gadgets

Traveling with affordability, ease, and style has become a trend as well as a necessity these days. You don’t want to spend more money on tickets and not enough on the food, shopping, sightseeing and other things you’ll want to experience while traveling overseas. Who wouldn’t like to travel with a little comfort and style?

Trust me, your passport and phone are not the only things you need on your trip. And don’t forget, that even if you are a minimalist, your phone’s best friend is the adapter. Sure, you can bring along your charger but the airport has too little sockets to take care of every traveller’s phones. You don’t really want to fight over a switch socket to charge your phone after a long and tiring flight, do you? You would rather just have a power bank so you never run out of battery, especially when you just came out of the airport and need to book an Uber ride or need a map to navigate through the city.

Necessary accessories

Traveling can also be quite frustrating too if you don’t have the right things to keep yourself entertained. However, there some amazing equipment that can make it easy for you to travel comfortably and in style without a worry in the world. Therefore, we have made you a list of some of the best travel gadgets to make sure you minimize stress, reduce your load, and travel smarter with these accessories. For any tech-savvy person, these gadgets and tech pieces are must-haves on the go.

An External Battery

If you want to have a smooth journey without worrying about a draining phone, do yourself a favour and invest in a high capacity battery charger. You might need as soon as you come out of the airport to book that hotel room.

Weapon for self defence

Sometimes when you are on a trekking trip to any jungle or wilderness, it is wise to carry a weapon with you all the time. It doesn’t mean you will harm any wildlife animal, but you can scare it or hurt it just to protect yourself. Always keep a knife, or a pepper spray with you. You can also keep a Taser, or a stick to scare or shunt an animal. A crossbow is also a great choice to carry on your back. You can buy best crossbow for the money at a renowned weapon store online. In this way, you can protect yourself on any trail.  

Portable, super-fast battery with built-in cables

Invest in a really good power converter when you go overseas to save your gadgets from frying. Some sockets don’t support good phones, which means you can fry your phone with a high or low voltage.

Two-pin/ Three-pin chargers

You might have two-pin chargers and all the sockets in the hotel rooms in Dubai have three-pin plugs that also have voltage issues. In cases like this, your heavy-duty power converter, with more than one port, will be the best thing your tablet, phone, laptop or camera can have.

A waterproof phone case

You really need a waterproof phone case when you’re planning to travel to a beach destination. You can’t just leave your phone behind these places with beaches and pools. With a waterproof phone case, you can dive right in without worrying about ruining your expensive gadget. Now you can even take your phone with you when you go snorkelling so you can snap amazing snaps of the reed.

Pocket-sized noise-canceling headphones

The next thing you’ll need is reliable, preferably noise-canceling, headphones. Why? Well, because during your travels, you might start experiencing the need for some peace and quiet but not be able to find it. With these headphones, you’ll be able to produce these conditions on your own.

This is incredibly handy during long flights or hours spend on hectic, noisy airports. With modern entertainment apps like Netflix or HBO, all you need is a smartphone with a decent processor and high-end headphones to feel like at home. The first can be acquired via sellers like Personal Digital at a decent price, whereas the latter can be bought in store or ordered online.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

Don’t think that just because you have bought your noise-cancelling headphones that you don’t really need your waterproof Bluetooth speaker on your beach vacation. You can dance in the water listening to your favourite tunes and have a blast.  

A Kindle

Kindle is the perfect gadget for avid readers who love to travel. It is well said that a book can take you places without actually traveling, which means you can start your journey from your own bedroom window. Or while you are at the airport waiting for lounge because your flight is five hours late because of a bad storm. Or simply on a plane for a 24-hour flight. A Kindle can hundreds of books at a time.

Fire TV Stick for Shows

When I travel, I always bring my Fire TV Stick that I bought off Amazon as I can never stream my favourite shows in hotel TVs.  Now you don’t have to get bored in your hotel room where the TV doesn’t let you stream anything you watch on its basic cable which only shows locals programs. You can stream your favourite shows of Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO Now etc. with Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick, anywhere you go. You only need a good WIFI connection and the HDMI port on the television set.

Travel Organizer Set

I don’t have OCD, but I am nothing less than Monica Gellar from the Friend’s TV show. This means I need to keep my clothes and all the other travelling accessories and items as neatly and maturely as possible. Travel Organizer Set is a great packing solution which allows me to compartmentalize and put together my travel wardrobe, as well as little items like toothpaste and shampoo bottles in different pockets assigned for each item. It is a perfect travel gadget.

Memory Neck Pillow

Since I travel a lot, one of the main health concerns I have in the constant niggly pain in my neck. Long-haul travel can really do that. As soon, the pain travels down to the back and then I can’t enjoy my trip because of the constant back and neck ache. This is why you need a good neck pillow such as this Memory neck pillow to make sure you land comfortable and with no pain at all.


The first thing you need to understand is the fact that carrying a laptop around isn’t as easy as it may sound. Sure, they’re meant to be portable but just because you can carry a laptop around doesn’t mean that you should. Also, remember that you won’t just be carrying your laptop around but an array of other items, as well. Therefore, when buying a gadget, you need to be honest about your travel habits and ask yourself one honest question – how often will I need this laptop on my travels. Simple tasks, like opening emails and responding via IM software, can be handled just as easily on a smartphone. Nonetheless, if you intend to work while abroad, a laptop is a must-have.

Outlet adapters

Another thing you might not be aware of is the fact that different countries use different power sockets. This means that your regular charger might be completely useless. Previously, we’ve discussed the importance of a smartphone or a laptop, nonetheless, once their batteries run dry, it’ll be as if you’ve left them back at home. Instead, you should look for the right outlet adapter for the country you’re visiting or get a whole set if you aim to make a tour instead of just visiting a single location.

Luggage GPS

Having your luggage lost while traveling is a proper nightmare. Seeing as how we’ve already discussed that luggage is, essentially, a priority-oriented group of items, losing just a part of it may be catastrophic, let alone losing all of these items at once. To make matters worse, this happens while you’re away and can’t replenish even some inexpensive clothing items. The simplest way to avoid this is to invest in a luggage GPS. This is a simple wallet-sized item that, when inserted into the luggage keeps track of it, so that you can rest assured that your inventory is well-protected.

External battery

Even if you do bring a charger and a suitable adapter, chances are that your battery will run out before you reach your next checkpoint. This is why you need to plan and prepare for this occasion and the simplest (and, by far, the most reliable) way to do so is to get an external battery. Combine this with a power saving mode that all modern devices have and you’ll be able to considerably prolong the life of your battery. Keep in mind, however, that a heavy app use (especially if it’s a complex, power-hungry app) might still get the better of you.


The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that, even though you might have the habit of it, heavy use of your smartphone for menial tasks may not be the best of ideas. A smartwatch, on the other hand, is quite pragmatic for a series of reasons. It goes on your wrist, which means that you don’t have to worry about packing, storing or losing it. It also gives you a simple and elegant method of staying in touch with the people around you.

In conclusion

Finally, those who have a smart home might also enjoy the privilege of checking, controlling and ensuring that their home is safe from afar. For this to work, nonetheless, you wouldn’t have to pack extra, seeing as how you already have all the tools necessary.

Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.


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