10 Under-The-Radar Places to Visit In 2019

Wondering which destinations to visit in 2019? We have you sorted. We identified the best places to visit that are Under-The-Radar. They have lots to offer including beaches, wildlife, a culinary experience and archeological sites, among others.

What are your vacation plans for 2019? Feeling stuck about where to go? We have identified some 10 under the radar destinations that will blow your mind off. They are quite affordable and worth every second of your time.

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The Best Places to Visit in 2019


Abu Dhabi, Dubai is among the exciting places to visit in 2019. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the culture and cuisines from the Middle East, and that’s not all. It has gorgeous white sandy beaches and the largest uninterrupted sand mass. Therefore, you can expect the following activities:

  • Swimming
  • Dune bashing
  • Sandboarding
  • Visit one of the largest mosques in the world, theme parks including a motorsport-themed entertainment park
  • It’s worth mentioning that it’s among the best places to visit with family since they have something for everyone.


Kenya should definitely feature among the places you need to visit in 2019. You can opt to visit the white sandy beaches off the coast or go for a safari in the game parks and reserves. You can take a hike up Mount Kenya, or Mount Elgon among others. It is home to the big 5, that is the Lion, African Elephant, Black Rhino, Leopard and the African buffalo. Making it among the reasons why Kenya is in the best places to visit in 2019 list.


Japan is quite an upcoming destination, especially for foodies. It’s among the best places to visit for an unforgettable culinary experience. They have retained most of their culture which is portrayed in their way of life. It has a lot to offer including:

  • Visit the mountainous national parks
  • Visit thousands of shrines, temples and imperial palaces
  • Skiing
  • In the city, you can enjoy their pop culture, a view of their skyscrapers, and do lots of shopping.


Get to enjoy a view of the crystal blue waters surrounded by pine trees at the Icmeler beach, a favorite for water sports lovers. Or you can enjoy the secret beach spots in Dacta. Turkey is among the best places to visit providing tourists a chance to enjoy views of the architecture since most buildings are traditional and old. You can also go paragliding, balloon riding and enjoy boat tours.


Ireland is home to leading alcohol brands Guinness and Jameson. In fact, Dublin’s most visited destination is the Guinness Storehouse. It’s among the best places to visit thanks to its ancient architecture and sites. The Newgrange winter solstice in Ireland is one of the most sought-after destinations, including its many caves and caverns.


Among the most exciting places to visit in 2019 is Ethiopia. Located in Africa, it offers more than just wildlife. They are rich in culture and have mouthwatering cuisines. While there, you can visit Queen Sheba’s home in the UNESCO-listed heritage site, Aksum, and which is also home to the Ark of the Covenant.


Latvia is a country on the Baltic sea, and among the places to visit near Estonia and Lithuania. It is home to vast beaches, forests, open-air museums and some of the world’s most beautiful UNESCO listed heritage sites. There are great places for kids to visit such as Tarzan’s adventure park.


Rwanda, mainly its capital Kigali, is definitely among the best places to visit. , but you’ll be surprised by the growth and healing that has taken place. Despite the scars, it has risen to be a nation filled with lots of exciting places to visit and activities to do. Get a one on one experience with wild mountain gorillas.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia wasn’t going to miss out on our list of the best places to visit in 2019. It has a big lagoon and provides tourists a chance to explore the diverse marine life in Rangiroa. If you love diving, this is the place to be.


Portugal is among the most exciting places to visit in fall. The beautiful beaches which are less crowded and upcoming hotels make it one of the hot spots to visit in 2019. You can go to the beach mountains, or visit UNESCO heritage sites.



The destinations listed are among the best places to visit come 2019. They have so much to offer and will make your trip worth it. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views; have an unforgettable culinary experience and culture experience among others.

Which under the radar places have you been to? Let us know in the comments.


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