Frankfurt is the main financial center of Germany, but it is also a city of various cultures and traditions. Plan your trip now and book cheap flights to Frankfurt. The fact that studying is not just in the university and at home is a truism. Especially in a big city like Frankfurt there is a lot to discover by hobby technology. So that you do not lose the orientation in the large number of bars and restaurants, we have picked out the best student bars for you.


Best student bars in Frankfurt


Pump room

Small time travel complacent? Back in the 70s, one feels at the establishment of the Trinkhalle in Ostend. The interior is not about cheesy and flea market-dusty, but very stylish and authentic. But this popular student bar is known not only for its cool decor, but also for the good drinks. If you’re a fan of fancy cocktails, then you’re sure to get your money’s worth here.

Obermainanlage 24, 60314 Frankfurt am Main


National economy

No, no student bar for economics students, rather for the whole nation. Whether student, grandfather or banker – everyone feels comfortable in the economy. In the nice pub in one of the most beautiful corners Bockenheims can be cheap food and drink and football in good company. In summer, there are also some sunny places to grab at the tables outside. Incidentally, the audience is mostly student – must be close to the university. There’s always time for a detour in the free hour.

Jordan Street 13, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

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Club Voltaire

If you like it more alternative, then you’ll enjoy the legendary pub with its’ 60s charm and scribbled walls. Since 1962 the Club Voltaire has been a bastion for left-wing alternative culture and music in the heart of downtown Frankfurt. There are numerous events such as readings, improvisational theatre or jazz concerts. And those who are hungry by the whole program and the cheap Äppler can order a tarte flambée or one of the other delicious dishes.

Small high street 5, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

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The Tannenbaum 

The Tannenbaum is located in the middle of Bockenheim and has everything a rustic student bar or student bar needs: good beer, simple dishes, and fair prices, dim light and of course a kicker. Especially Eintracht fans will feel comfortable playing football together. And if you are not so interested in football, then just come over at the Sunday crime scene on a bagel beer.

Homburger Str. 19, 60486 Frankfurt am Main


Orange peel

Live music and cocktails are the recipe for a successful evening at Orange Peel . Located in the middle of the Bahnhofsviertel is the rather small backyard pub as a musical insider tip. The music ranges from jazz, funk and soul to world music, perfect for discovering new bands and DJs. A real insider tip is the blues jam sessions every Tuesday evening. For free donations you can listen to professional musicians here.

Kaiserstrasse 39, 60329 Frankfurt am Main


Café KoZ

Located directly on the campus, Café KoZ is a typical student location . During the day you can relax here in a relaxed atmosphere of everyday stress and recharge your caffeine balance between lectures during the lively coffee operation. The palette ranges from a simple café to latte macchiato with almond flavour, or chai latte for non-coffee junkies. The bar is open in the evenings from Monday to Wednesday and live music and on-call service on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And as if that was not enough, there are rumours about one or the other spontaneous surprise party that takes place during the year.

Mertonstrasse 26, 60325 Frankfurt am Main


Moloko Bar

Delicious breakfasts and a bit of holiday flair on the sunny terrace with main view are available in the Moloko Bar in Nordend Ost. In the 70s-inspired, rather purist ambience you can sit and drink together in the evening. Especially in summer, this is the reason for already mentioned reasons. The numerous cocktails and other unusual drinks such as ginger-espresso are appreciated by the student-mixed audience. The Moloko is located on the edge of the city center, perfect to reach and yet far from crowds.

Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main


Café Albatross

You love to extend your breakfast until noon? Then the Sunday brunch and the breakfast buffet at Café Albatros are just the thing for you. Everything from salmon to fruit salad is just about everything; all you can eat is understood. Perfect for rainy and hangover days. When the sun is shining, just dodge the large garden. And if you should come back into a drinking mood, then you have the choice of black beer to cocktail. That’s the way to go.

Gravel Road 27, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

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Particulate matter

The fine dust is a sympathetic music pub in Frankfurt Nordend. Numerous concerts take place here, the beer is cheap and delicious and the garden is large and inviting since no wishes remains unsatisfied. A must among all student bars!

Friedberger Landstraße 131, 60318 Frankfurt am Main



You like hearty food and cocktails are a perfect match? Then you are right at the Sausalitos in Bockenheim. It serves delicious Mexican-American cuisine and cheap cocktails and drinks. Especially in the Happy Hour or on Food Monday is the price-performance ratio. Due to its location, the well-stocked Sausalitos is the perfect starting point for a tour of the Bockenheimer nightlife. Do not forget to book and let’s go!

Kiesstrasse 36, 60486 Frankfurt am Main



Bonechina is located in the Alt-Sachsenhausen neighbourhood. It looks more of a high-class house party than a bar. Here, you won’t find a bar counter or bartender and in its monochrome interior of the custom grey ceramic walls. Actually, you should pour yourself your own drinks. Only 12 people can fit in it and you will not find food being served. It is only opened on Tuesday through Thursday. For you to enter you will have to ring the bell. If you really want to meditate in a bar, this is the place to go.


Plank Café-Bar-Studio

Plank is located right by the Hauptbahnhof and has a lot of graffiti outside. It is actually a café by day and a bar by night. Drinks are served as from six in the evening. You can find a wide range of foods from pastries and cakes to shawarma plates. There is a very nice cocktail menu, in which you can gin and wine cocktails. Also, there are other usual beverages that you can choose from.


Nachtleben is a centrally located nightclub that hosts plenty of concerts and discos in the evenings and at the weekend. It is situated in the basement of the building and on the upper floor, there is a bar or café which offers food and drinks at affordable prices. It was established in 1993 and over the years it has gained a lot of popularity among the locals. You can go there to chill and relax after your busy day.


Gekkos is a great bar that has a lot of parties taking place. DJs, as well as live bands, are invited to perform. The bar simply gives you the experience you want to feel like a student in who loves the nightlife in Frankfurt. You will find beer and fancy cocktails which are all delivered by the barkeeper team. The music and the live performance gives you an amazing experience as you enjoy drinks with your friends.


Gibson is located in the middle of the main shopping street Zeil. You can find famous bands and DJs playing in the bar. They also host parties and is a great place to chill in the evening. Locals like going to this club.

To sum it up

Frankfurt has become a very vibrant city in Germany. It has a strong traditional cultural heritage, that is not diminishing. It is actually becoming strong. There are a lot of things you can do in this Germany’s financial capital, and these things actually attract big crowds. These are things you would want to experience in person. Additionally, Frankfurt has an increasingly mixed culture which can be linked to the steady growth of large businesses, which has seen foreigners making 25 per cent of the city’s population.

This has brought about an international understanding of what makes a great night out. The increasing love for nightlife in the city has led to the establishment of vibrant bars which make good meeting places for drinks. Whether you want a cocktail bar, a wine bar or simply a basic-to-basic pub you will find it here in Frankfurt.

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