If you have always had your snacks and drinks on the ground, then you have not had the most spectacular view of New York. This is a great city that has a lot to offer and it excels in everything it has. New York has many rooftop bars that cannot be compared to others in the U.S, or perhaps across the globe. These bars will give you compelling views of the city, better yet you will find the best drinks and snacks, and others, In fact, offer full meals. Here are our picks of the best rooftop bars in NYC.
1. Mr Purple
Mr Purple is a 15th-floor rooftop bar that is above the Hotel Indigo lower East side New York. This is you will find most of the cityÕs fun lovers crowded enjoying some of the very best cocktails and posing for selfies in an effortlessly beautiful place which provides a 360-degree view of Manhattan. You can try to avoid trying some of the Mr Purple snacks.
2. Ophelia
Ophelia is on the 26th floor of the Beekham Tower and offers 360-degree views of the long island city. Inside the bar, you will find velvet stools. The walls have an eye-catching deep blue colour, the floor is covered by black and white tiles, there are two door terraces and plush banquettes lend drama. There are plenty of delicacies you can have here including pepper-infused mescal, bourbon and bitters laced with cedar smoke. OohÉ and the cocktails are just amazing.
3. Gallow Green
Gallow Green above McKittrick Hotel is simply a hidden gem in NYC. The greenery-walkways in the bar are simply charming plus the musical entertainment that gets everyone into a party mode. Their menu is full of salads and pizza. Going to the bar during winter, you will spot some difference from how it looks in the warmer months. It is actually transformed into a lodge with hidden rooms that house cozy and warm items which wonÕt feel like leaving anytime soon. Making reservations is highly recommend.
4. The Crown
The Crown is a Chinatown rooftop bar on the 21st floor of Hotel 50 Bowery. The drinks are worth going to the bar, especially during a very exciting afternoon to evening. It features an intimate indoor lounge that has floor-to-ceiling windows and also an outdoor roof deck. The cocktails are made from Asian elements. You can opt to make a reservation which can be quite depending on how long you will be in the bar or you could just grab a beer and enjoy the beautiful views.
5. 1Rooftop
No other place that can give you the most iconic and cinematic Manhattan views more than Brooklyn Ridge Park and Promenade do. The views are even better when you are on rooftop bar like the 1Rooftop. It is best to go to the rooftop for a summer evening. You can make a reservation or simply enjoy the night with the crowd.
6. Salon de Ning at the Peninsula
Salon de Ning, being on the 23rd floor of the Peninsula can make you feel above the city and at the same time apart from it. It features some good 1930s Shanghai dŽcor scheme which gives it an old-school sentiment. Despite the old school sentiment, the bar menu is filled with modern cocktail trends. You may also want to try the spirit spiked ice creams which are made exclusively for the hotel.

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