6 Most Miraculous Honeymoon Spots in the World


You don’t have to worry about finding the best honeymoon destination. We have identified some 6 miraculous honeymoon spots in the world to help you make your choice. They offer breathtaking views making the experience even more romantic.

What makes the wedding day even more exciting is the honeymoon part. Now that you’ve finally settled on the details of your upcoming nuptials, it’s time to think about what comes after, not the marriage per se but its beginning. A good start is often a good indicator of a pleasant journey. Therefore, considering that the honeymoon is the beginning, invest well into it. We have identified the best honeymoon destinations, which will complete your wedding by giving it a magical romantic touch.

To identify the best destinations or simply a miraculous honeymoon spot for both you and your partner, consider the following:

    • Season – There’s an ideal time to visit each place
    • Your likes – Visit a destination that appeals to both yours and your partner’s interests
    • Finances – Look for a fun and affordable destination


  • Security – It’s not uncommon to hear of kidnapped newlyweds, therefore find secure spots to visit for honeymoon


  1. Kurumba the Maldives, a Miraculous Honeymoon Spot

Kurumba in the Maldives is a miraculous honeymoon spot. Honeymooners are offered the best in every aspect. The Maldives, in general, has several resorts ideal for newlyweds looking for some privacy, peace, and fun. Kurumba, in particular, is a popular choice and has gained much popularity over the years since it was the first to be established on the island. It’s among the most beautiful places in the world, giving newlyweds a chance to enjoy the sandy beaches and a burst of lovely sunshine. Couples are sure to fall more in love with the magical scenery and serenity that Kurumba offers.

  1. Acapulco in Mexico, Among the Best Honeymoon Destinations

Acapulco ranks as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and among the best honeymoon places. It’s a miraculous honeymoon spot providing newlyweds an opportunity to bond while having fun. The beautiful beaches and fantastic nightlife will wow you, and to top it off, it’s quite affordable. If you’re both fans of swimming and snorkeling, this is definitely the go-to place. Acapulco is and has been a honeymooners spot for ages, having accommodated the likes of President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie.

  1. Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise, Canada

If you’re in search of a miraculous honeymoon spot, then Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise, Canada should feature on your list. It’s a particularly perfect site for honeymooners with love for snow. Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. There are a range of activities to participate in which include:

    • Skiing
    • Dogsledding
    • Ice skating


  • Snowshoeing


  1. Walt Disney World, Florida USA

Walt Disney World definitely had to make it to our list. It’s one of the best adventure honeymoon destinations for fairy-tale lovers. Beautiful brides and their prince charmings get to choose from a range of packages each designed to offer the ultimate honeymoon experience. You can expect the following from this miraculous honeymoon spot:

    • Packages which include a cruise to the Bahamas – honeymoon escape, romantic escape, and deluxe escape. It will consist of some time on the Disney resorts.
    • Spa options
    • Take pictures
    • Park pass


  • If you’re fireworks lovers, you can have a private fireworks cruise.


  1. Brac

Brac in Croatia is one of the best honeymoon places to visit. It’s a horse-shoe shaped island in the Adriatic Sea. It’s located within Croatia. Brac has a beautiful white pebble beach, the Golden Cape, also known as Zlatni Rat, the perfect destination for honeymooners with love for windsurfing. The architecture of the buildings is quite traditional making it a great tourist destination while also providing the ideal scenery for couples. Couples can get the chance to participate in some wine tasting since it’s also a winemaking region making it a miraculous honeymoon spot.

  1. Bora Bora In Tahiti for the Best Adventure Honeymoon Destination

Bora Bora is among the most highly featured places for honeymoon. It’s has a magical scenery making it the perfect spot for couples. The crystal blue lagoon and white powdered beach offer a breathtaking view. Newlyweds will enjoy spa treatments, swimming, panoramic views, and snorkeling among other things.

To sum it up

If you’re looking for a miraculous honeymoon spot any of the above 6 will be ideal. They have breathtaking views, excellent packages, and lots of things to do. Already gone for your honeymoon or know somebody who did? Well, share with us your or their experience. There’s a long list of places to visit.



About the author: Paul Collins is a geography teacher, traveler and movie lover. Also, Paul loves web-design and he helps his friend and photographer Max Polyakov with some creative projects.



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