Singapore might be a small city, but it is big in surprises. The city has a combination of both urban and natural attractions. You can find historical and pre-war buildings which still thrive in the midst of modern skyscrapers and architectural beauties. The classy restaurants are places you would really want to be to enjoy tasty foods as well as splurge on luxurious items at high-end shops or even take a walk in the street markets to get some nice stuff at a good bargain.
Singapore has diverse attractions which are clearly shown in this list of the best things to do. You can choose what really inspires you or immerse yourself into an adventure that you have never experienced before.
1. Explore the Orchard Road
You may find people describing the Orchard Road as the Fashion Street of Singapore. It is actually a shopping and Entertainment Avenue located at the heart of Singapore. Being a 2-kilometre stretch, you will marvel at the many luxury shopping malls and restaurants. In this street, you will find the most loved malls like ION Orchard, Orchard Central, Nghe Ann City, Paragon, Tangs and Plaza Singapura. Taking a walk along Orchard Road, you will have a chance to experience the glamorous feeling of Singapore.
2. Spend a day at Singapore Zoo
Singapore zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. The zoo boasts of beautiful design and spreads out across 28 hectares. The zoo is home to baboons, Nubian Ibexes and mongooses. You can also climb up to the canopy of the Fragile Forest biodome to see two-toed sloths and spot flying horses and lemurs. In the zoo, you are likely to spot all kinds of monkeys from the crested macaque to the Columbus and the orang-utans.
3. View the city from Sands SkyPark
Sands SkyPark has a viewing deck which is a popular tourist attraction that gives you a view of Singapore from the top of Marina Bay Sands. The viewing point is located at the SkyPark which is shaped like a ship and can hold up to 900 people. At the viewing deck, you can view Singapore at 360 degrees along with guided tours which are done every day. The guided tours are highly beneficial because you will have an opportunity to learn more about SingaporeÕs history. At the viewing deck, you will also observe the various activities, mainly the movement of ships in and out of Singapore Strait, which is simply a relaxing experience.
4. Take a walk at the Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay are modern botanical gardens, created on 101 hectares of reclaimed land in Central Singapore. The gardens were as a result of an international design competition to create an urban garden in the city centre. In the Gardens by the Bay, you will find the Cloud Forest which gives an experience similar to that of being on top of a mountain and find your way down and marvel at the beauty of a waterfall. There is also the flower dome that features a cool-dry climate which is a suitable condition for the housed plants.
5. Visit Sentosa
Sentosa is an island that features amazing attractions that make it a great resort for recreation and rest. The island was actually a fortress in the 19th century and later was transformed to a military base after the Second World War. You will find several fun-filled attractions in Sentosa including beach resorts, casinos and forest adventures.

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