Traveling for The Thrill: 6 Australian Adrenaline Packed Adventure Destinations

If your idea of an ideal vacation does not consist solely of lying on the beach, and you don’t find it very thrilling to explore a city – you’ll love our suggestions for an active vacation packed with adrenaline! We’re taking you to Australia, a continent for all sorts of people and all types of vacation you can imagine. This is the perfect place to enjoy diving, flying, jumping, running, driving, and everything else that will make your heart beat faster!


See the Clouds Up Close: Skydiving in Queensland

If you don’t find it absolutely necessary to stay on the ground the whole time, you might try something that will also allow you to have amazing views. Of course, we’re talking about the activity that is not for the faint-hearted. You can choose your skydiving adventure from several locations in Australia. If you’d like to see the Great Barrier Reef while falling, opt for Mission Beach in Queensland. Other stunning views are on display in Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, where you’ll also see Penguin Island, Cockburn Sound, and Garden Island. And even if you have a fear of heights, this might be a good way to conquer it once and for all!


See the Big Guys Up Close: Snorkel with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo

Whale sharks are the largest fish on the planet, being 10-meter long. But they’re peaceful enough for a snorkeling alongside them! You can do this at Ningaloo Reef off the north coast of Western Australia. The Ningaloo Coast belongs to the World Heritage and is a home to the world’s longest fringing reef with 200 species of hard coral and 50 species of soft coral. Where’s coral, there’s tropical fish as well, so not only will this adventure give you an adrenaline rush, but it will allow you to enjoy the amazing sights of colorful fish. Whale sharks are swimming these waters between April and August, so that’s when you should pay a visit. You’ll fly to the Reef and once the whale sharks are spotted from a plane, you’ll be zipped to the location where you’re free to free dive, swim or snorkel and enjoy the peaceful company.


Step Back in Time: Wreck Boat Diving in New South Wales

Diving around wreck boats has been gaining a lot of popularity, and if you’d like to see a wreck up close, Australia is a good choice. Even though there are many wrecks off the coast of the continent, maybe the best experience is HMAS scuba diving. The HMAS Adelaide used to be a naval warship, and it was purpose prepared and sunk in order to create an artificial dive reef. The ship has access holes that will allow easy access for divers, and you’ll recognize the console and chart table from the bridge, as well as the captain’s chair, cafeteria, bunks, and other amenities. Apart from the wreck, you’ll also see the animals who use it as a home nowadays: kingfish, yellowtail, octopus, batfish etc. This wreck is located near Terrigal on the Central Coast of NSW, and it can be visited by newbie divers as well as those who’re quite experienced.


A Different Experience: Driving on Sand Dunes in Nelson Bay

If you love being behind the wheel, consider driving in the desert. There are countless off-road tracks in Australia where you can give this experience a try. Stockton Bright Dunes near Nelson Bay are massive, and offer an amazing adventure for the daredevils. Of course, you cannot come with just any car and hope that it will behave like you’ve seen it on TV. Driving on sand dunes can only be done with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, so if you’re renting one for a longer trip, keep this in mind.


A Must-Do in Australia: Surfing in Byron Bay

You cannot do an active vacation in Australia without surfing! And once you see its magnificent beaches, you probably won’t even think of it. Be careful, though – many have started surfing in Australia and were bought for life! If you’re a beginner and think there’s no way you could do things you see handsome Aussie surfers do, rest assured there are plenty of surf schools that can teach you the basics. Of course, a newbie can never be as good as someone who’s experienced, but if you end up being bitten by the surf bug, your time will come! You can surf in a number of great beaches between Sydney and Brisbane, but if you’re a beginner, Byron Bay is the best bet. Enjoy!


For the Faint-Hearted Who Would Like to Try Something New: Zorbing in Gold Coast


And here’s something for those who still do enjoy a vacation that’s meant for relaxing, but would like to experience just a little thrill. Zorbing is a relatively new sport (can we even call it a sport?) where you get into a giant ball and roll down a hill. It’s that simple, but it does give you all sorts of thrills if your usual idea of adventure is climbing the stairs! To do this, go to Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast, which also offers a range of other activities.


Packing your bags already? Don’t forget travel insurance just in case, and have a wonderful time Down Under!


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