Common traveling problems

Traveling comes in all forms, from family holidays to backpacking ventures. The latter has become a popular trend in recent years, with traveling now commonly viewed as more than just the opportunity for a holiday. No trip will ever go off without a hitch though, and many people can encounter problems on their journey they never anticipated.

Before you get caught out, here are some drawbacks you should be aware of before you go traveling.

Jet lag can throw you off

The destinations that are the furthest away are sometimes the most exciting. However, while you may be prepared to spend the best part of a day (or longer) flying there, you won’t be raring to explore the next morning. Long-distance travel involves crossing through multiple time zones, and your body won’t immediately adjust to the change in daylight hours.

It can take up the best part of a week to fully recover from jet lag, depending on the distance you’ve traveled. There is no way to prevent it happening; you just have to wait it out. What you can do is plan your journey accordingly so that those first few uncomfortable days aren’t wasted. If you’re going away for a week, change it to ten days. That way, you won’t miss out on anything you wanted to do.

The world is a dangerous place

Everywhere has its downsides. Just as there is crime where you live, the case will be the same wherever you visit. 400,000 incidences of pickpocketing happen every day, and they’re most prevalent in well-developed cities like Paris and Madrid. This doesn’t mean you’re putting your life at risk by going abroad, but you should always prioritize safety over convenience.

You needn’t spend your travels paranoid, just be cautious and consider these safety tips when you’re off abroad.


  • Wear a money belt. It’s not stylish, but it reduces the risk of being pickpocketed.
  • In busy areas, make sure you can see your backpack at all times.
  • Separate your cash and carry it in different places (not just in the money belt).
  • If your accommodation has one, make use of its safe.
  • Have a fake wallet. If you do happen to get mugged, you can hand it over.

Common travel problems

Friendships are fleeting

Our lives are shaped by the connections we make with others, but they aren’t all destined to stand the test of time. Despite the close friendships you form while traveling, 1Cover say it’s unlikely many of those will still exist in years to come. As bleak as that may sound, it’s hard to stay connected with someone when you never see them in the flesh.

Social media has made it easier to stay in touch with people all around the world, but friendship requires effort on both parts. If just one of you isn’t willing to keep in regular contact, the relationship will fall apart easily. Keep that in mind when you meet new people. Make the most of the time you have together before you part indefinitely.

Illness doesn’t take a vacation

You might be in perfect health when you leave to go traveling, but that could change in a matter of hours. It’s impossible to know when you’re going to get ill until the symptoms start to show, by which point there’s no quick-fix solution to getting better.

You’re already at a greater risk of catching something when traveling, because you’re surrounded by foreign microbes. Never get on a plane without a first-aid kit in your bag so that you can treat yourself for minor ailments.

It has to end eventually

No-one likes to think about things ending before they’ve begun. Unfortunately, everything has to conclude at some point.

It’s a sad fact that any trip worth going on won’t have a happy ending. While you may look forward to seeing friends and family again, the excitement of your travels will be a distant memory in the routine of home life. Traveling can change you for the better, but it always makes going home so much worse.

Don’t let that put you off, because nothing can live up to the thrill you get from exploring the world. Just remember that while you’re preoccupied thinking about where to travel to next, the end of your journey is already looming out of sight.

Hopefully, you can go on your travels now more prepared than before. This isn’t a comprehensive list of the problems you can face when traveling, so if you think of (or have experienced) anything we should have mentioned, let us know.


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