Today’s travelers are setting the bar ever higher for hotel owners around the world. And why not? Accommodation is an important part of any travel experience, and with all the information available online, people tend to get very picky when choosing a place to stay, even for just one night. So, it’s only natural that the hotel design trends are focused mostly on guest experience and in pursue of good online reviews to stay afloat. Here are some of the hotel design trends for travelers to enjoy around the world this year.

Smart rooms

Technology is a trend that every hotel has to keep up with if they want to run a successful business. So, in order to upgrade guest experience, they have to upgrade the technology they use. While in the past hotels only offered only several TV channels, now they provide streaming service, so that you can choose between some of the latest TV shows. Furthermore, some hotel rooms now have sensors which can tell when you get out of bed, and which then turn on soft floor lights, so that you don’t have to look for a light switch and you can walk around without tripping over a chair or your own suitcase. Also, many hotels have apps which you can download on your phone once you get there. These allow you to control everything in your room, from lights and window blinds to heating and cooling. Plus, with an automated concierge, you don’t have to wait for the receptionist to finish checking somebody in to give you their undivided attention. You can get information about the best local restaurants and events momentarily, and even have them make a reservation for you.

Going green in every way

hotel design
With eco-awareness on the rise, hotels are keeping up with the good eco-friendly practices. From trying to reduce energy consumption and installing solar panels, to recycling anything that can be recycled, hotels are trying to be as kind and as gentle towards nature as possible. Another way in which hotels are becoming greener is through introducing plants and natural materials, such as wood, into their interior décor. Also, something we’ll probably see a lot of is biophilic design. It relies on health and productivity benefits of creating a bond between people and nature by implementing elements like indoor gardens, waterfalls, natural light and ventilation, in order to bring natural sounds, scents and sights closer to the clients. This is a trend that’s big in Asia. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you to see experts in interior design in Hong Kong hotels, since hotel owners there don’t shy away from asking for advice and help with concept and detailed interior design. And these professionals don’t only take on the rooms. They also know how important lobbies are, since they’re the first thing clients see when they arrive at any hotel, so making them as green and as pleasant as the rooms is important to them as well.

Bold colors

Although neutral colors have always been the go-to option for hotel rooms, since they appeal to a greater number of people, today’s hotels are trying to make things a bit more interesting. A splash of a bright color, either on an accent wall or on furniture can make the room more attractive to young travelers looking for something new and cheerful. You will also come across with vibrant colors in art and decorative elements such as lamps, cushions, curtains or even rugs. The goal is to catch the eye of those people who look for hotel accommodation online, searching through reviews on relevant websites and photos taken by previous guests. And it’s exactly the most curious color combinations that get the most Instagram space, meaning that this trend will probably stick around and evolve into whatever else will be considered Insta-perfect in the future.

Personalized hotel experience

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While once it was enough to put a chocolate on the pillow and to have a somewhat functioning complementary hairdryer to make the stay a bit more personalized for the guests, nowadays it simply won’t do. With millennials changing travel, hotels are going out of their way to bring hotel experience closer to their expectations, needs and preferences. Of course, various services and amenities will still have to be available to modern travelers, but other than that, hotels are trying to find out as much as they can about their guests via social media and through direct contact to improve the rooms and overall experience for them. So, if they find out that their guests are celebrating something, a card and a complementary bottle of champagne will make a hotel stand out from the competition. Similarly, if they find out a guest is in a long and exhausting business meeting, they can offer them a free massage once they get back to the hotel. And if a guest is impressed enough and gives the hotel a good online review, a hand-written thank-you note will show them how valued they are and how grateful the hotel management is.

Today’s travelers are looking for hotels where they’ll feel like home, but which are also extraordinary in every way. So, this is exactly what current hotel design trends are aiming for. Keep your eyes open and feel free to turn to online sources for the perfect hotel experience. With the variety of choices on offer, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for and maybe more.

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