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Being the largest city in the Baltics, Riga has attractions for every taste. Some of you might be having some good information about this ancient city. However, those who don’t know about it and are not sure what to expect in the city, I will give you a very brief introduction. Riga is an ancient city that was established back in 1201. This city has quite beautiful due to the presence of the historical buildings which are present up-to-date. Riga is a certainly the largest city in Latvia and, in fact, its population stands at more than half a million people.

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Riga attractions and museums

Riga attractions make this city the only place to visit in Latvia. Latvia has many other beautiful places that you can visit. Riga is not a complicated city like many other large cities, actually, you can get things done without having to move too much. In this article, I have prepared some of the Riga things to do in case you happen to visit this wonderful place.

1. Visit house of the blackheads

Riga attractions

This house was built in 1334 for the upper class merchants. This was often used a venue for all meetings and banquets during the ancient times. This house is very important to Riga just like how Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Visiting the house of Blackheads is one of the best Riga things to do.

2. Freedom monument

This is one of the Riga attractions that is found in the heart of Riga. It is actually a memorial which was unveiled in the 1935 to honor soldiers who lost their lives when fighting for the independence of Latvia. The monument itself is perceived by the Latvian citizens as a sign of freedom and independence it is a much-respected symbol in the city of Riga and in general, the whole of Latvia. The 138 feet monument towers is covered with sculptures which act as symbols that depict the culture and history of Latvia. Many events and festivals take place at the base of the monument, thus, you can visit the area to join in on the fun with the Latvian people.

3. Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum is one of the most visited Riga attractions places with over 135,000 visitors every year. It is found on the shores of the Juglas Lake. The museum was established in 1924 and opened to the public in 1932 having six buildings on an expansive 87-hectare land. When you visit the place you will be able to see the 118 buildi8ngs which all house over 3000 antiquities and artefacts. Also, this is a place where many cultural events and festivals are held throughout the year, thus it would be a great place to visit and enjoy the events.

4. Arsenals-Fine Arts Museum

This is certainly one of the most beautiful Riga Museums. Arsenals-Fine Arts Museum is a very beautiful place where you can visit and get to see a large collection of the Latvian and Baltic art that starts from the 18th century. Latvia has a lot of treasures which have been collected and put in Arsenals-Fine Arts Museum which gives an opportunity for visitors and the locals to explore them. Generally, the museum really focuses much on the collection, research and preservation of things that are so dear to Latvia which were there in the past. The beauty of this arts museum is also evident on the building itself. The building is built in the Russian Classicism style with a great architectural monument. If you really love art and would want to see the art that was used in ancient Latvia, visiting Arsenals-Fine Arts Museum is great thing to do. You can never get lost since there guided tours available throughout the day for all visitors to learn everything related to the art techniques and exhibits used in Latvia during the ancient times.

5. Visit and relax in the park

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This green grass and the fresh air in this park makes it one of the best Riga attractions. This is one way of taking a break from the busy streets and all the noise downtown. You can do a lot in this park including jogging, relaxing boat riding and feeding the ducks that are usually under the canal.

6. Go shopping at Central Market

If you really want to watch the people of Latvia as you look for something to eat, visiting the Central Market is a great idea. Being one of the largest marketplaces in Europe has made it one of the best Riga attractions. They sell products ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to dairy, cakes, clothes and bags. The different market stalls are just fun to explore.

7. The Swedish Gate and Old City Walls

The Swedish Gate is a part of Riga’s old city walls that have been left standing since the old times. The Swedish Gate was built in 1698 when Sweden took control over the city. This is the only structure in the Old Town that has preserved its initial looks.

8. Taste the Riga Black Balsam

Balsam is the Riga’s alcohol. It is often said that if you have never tasted Balsam then you have never been in Riga. Drinking Black Balsam is a custom when you’re in Riga. Black Balsam is made from pure vodka and is usually used in traditional medicine which is sold in almost every tavern in the city. Trying the Riga Black Balsam should be one of the Riga things to do.

9. Visit Riga Old Town

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You can make your visit to Latvia an unforgettable experience by visiting the attractive Old Town. The cobblestones there are just romantic, you will get to admire the church steeples and sigh at the beautiful architectural gems which includes the House of Blackheads.

10. Latvian Museum of the Natural History

The Latvian Museum of Natural History was founded in 1845 by the Riga Naturalists Society and is one of the oldest and largest museums of its kind in the Baltic States. The museum focuses on research, preservation, and exhibition of special items. These items, are dedicated to the evolution of humans in the forest, Latvian ethnic origins, palaeontology, and geology among many other things. There are very beautiful exhibitions, opportunity to take excursions and also participate in events that are held there.

11. Latvian National Museum of Art

The Latvian National Museum of art has many exhibitions which are all open to the public. The museum is always open every day except on Monday. Visitors often have the opportunity to explore the permanent display that has Latvian art including those that were created in the while Latvia was under the control of Soviet as well as those that were created after Latvia gained independence. Graphic art, photographs and a video exhibition are some of other items that you will find in the Museum. The Riga museum tickets are always made available to the public whenever there is an exhibition or any sort of event.

12. Visit the Latvian National Opera

The Latvian National Opera building is found in the heart of Riga and is one of the best Riga attractions. The building was built in 1863 and renovations have always been conducted which explain its stunning appearance. The Riga Opera Festival and many other concerts and events are held in this opera building. If you want to be introduced to the season’s upcoming productions it and performances it would be great if you visited the Latvia National Opera during those events and concerts.

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13. Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation

This is one of the oldest museums in Europe and was established first with Dr. Nikolaus Von Himesl’s private collection in 1773. Today, the museum has over half a million objects and 80 collections. Also, it has three branches. There is a vast collection of paintings, furniture, medals, porcelain and other objects that you will see when you visit the museum.

14. Nativity Cathedral

Its long form is known is known as the Nativity of Christ Cathedral was designed when Latvia was part of the Russian empire. This is the largest Orthodox cathedral where visitors can explore the religious icons that are painted in the cathedral by famous Russian War artist and Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin.

15. Riga Film Museum


This is unique museum in Latvia and was founded in 1988. There are various kinds of exhibitions attached to the film industry including its history, actors and cinema art. The exhibitions are divided into six parts. Also, there are many educational programs for visitors to partake that are also related to the film industry.

16. Riga Motor Museum

This is the largest antique vehicle museum in all of the Baltic States and was established in 1989. The museum has very many exhibitions including the most popular ones which are 1938 Auto Union racing car Type D, the 1914 Hansa G 12/36 Renntorpedo, the 1935 Horch 830BL, and the 1961 ZIL-112 Sports vehicle.

17. Riga Zoo

When the Riga Zoo was initially opened it had only 267 animals from different species. Today, the visitors can enjoy watching more than 4,000 animals from 500 different species. If you have never seen the Red kangaroo, the Eurasian eagle and the European tree frog, visiting the Riga zoo is a perfect option. Additionally, there are many events hosted by the zoo in the course of the year such as the reptile zoo day and the Bird-day and these would be worth participating in.

18. Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center

It is also known as the VIRAC which is an ex-soviet installation that was made known to the public when Latvia gained independence. It was established by the Soviet military in 1974 and includes a large 32-meter telescope which is the 8th largest in the world. The installation has since been taken by the Latvian Academy of Sciences which allows visitors to access its laboratories and inspections areas.

19. Seaside getaway

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Riga has some lovely beaches and a seaside resort of Jurmala which has unique architecture and other features. Be sure to have a lot of fun in this place.

20. Art Nouveau

Riga boats of over 800 Art Nouveau gems. The incredible ornamentation of this style is just fascinating. The top of the buildings are also awesome.

21. Visit the many churches

Riga has very many churches which are very beautiful. Their beauty is what makes them get into our list of the top Riga attractions. You will notice that the oldest churches, instead of the crosses, they have roosters atop. The rooster is believed to scare away the devil and keeps watch for God according to their tradition.

22. Riga Porcelain Museum

The Riga Porcelain Museum is one of the best ceramics museums in Latvia was opened in 2001. Here visitors can learn about the past about porcelain participate in the creation and painting of porcelain. Sometimes visitors are allowed to take the priceless porcelain home with them.

23. Riga Aviation Museum

Riga Aviation Museum was established by a Latvian Civil Aviation employee in 1956. It’s actually one of the biggest museums of this kind in Europe. There are many aircrafts and helicopters that you can see when you visit the museum.

24. Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

Having been established in 1993, the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia is recognized as the historic educational institution. It houses important documents and exhibits artefacts. Also, the museum educates people about the period when Latvia was under the control of USSR and Nazi Germany.

25. Turaida Castle

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The Turaida Castle is found near the Gauja River and was built in 1214. In the Turaida Museum Reserves you can explore the artistic, architectural and archaeological history of that land. There are other things that visitors can explore including the Folk Song Garden, Folk Song Hill, Turaida Church and the Rose of Turaida Memorial. The Turaida castle host many Latvian festivals every year that would be fun to attend.

Unique attractions and museums in Riga, Latvia

Riga has a lot of beautiful places and attraction sites to explore.

So, have fun!!! 🚗 🇱🇻 👍


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