Casablanca is one of the biggest cities in Morocco, it is the economic capital of the country. The region of Casablanca-Settat is rich in sites of attraction, it also hosts several festivities during the year.

The city has achieved remarkable development over the last ten years. This development has had an impact on the lifestyle of the citizens of Casablanca who learned tips to adapt to it. For a foreigner, the question is how to spend a stay in Casablanca without having to spend too much?



During a stay in a foreign country we tend to rent a room in a hotel, Casablanca is also the same in most cases, but are there other ways to save money?

Yes, there is a solution other than to rent a room in a hotel of a low quality. Namely, the possibility of renting a room or an apartment among the inhabitants of the city, a simple and economical solution compared to other. Moreover, since the Moroccan people are very hospitable, you will enjoy a good service by discovering the Moroccan culture and traditions. However, it is always important to have some information about where you plan to stay.


Morocco food

The Moroccan gastronomy is undoubtedly enormously known for its multiple dishes, during your stay in Casablanca, you will obviously want to taste it. If you rent from locals, there is a good chance that they will share their home-cooked meals with you as an act of hospitality. If this is not the case, you will have the opportunity to taste Moroccan food anywhere in Casablanca.

Your first destination will be a restaurant of choice that features Moroccan dishes that have lost some of their authenticity at a price that will seem a bit high. On the other side, small restaurants or snacks offer authentic Moroccan dishes because the majority of their customers are ordinary citizens who know and appreciate authentic dishes.

These small restaurants serve home-made dishes like Tajine, Harira, Couscous and many others, at affordable prices that seem almost free.


Casablanca is a gigantic metropolis and the economic capital of Morocco. Despite the development of the logistics field, the geographic vastness of the growing city makes going from one place to another more and more difficult.

To travel from one point of the city to another one sometimes takes two to three buses or a bus and a taxi, this is expensive for locals who know their city and the bus lines by heart. For a foreigner who has little knowledge of the city of Casablanca buses are not recommended because of lack of comfort and the frequent possibility of undergoing a scam, so taxis are the appropriate solution.

However, this solution can be too expensive considering the multitude of places to visit and long journeys from one place to another, and some taxi drivers will not miss the opportunity to cheat you. A car rental in Casablanca will be the most adequate and economical solution to enjoy your stay in complete freedom and comfort. Needless to say, it is necessary to rent a car from a reliable agency taking all precautions.

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