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Discounted Bike rental tickets in Amsterdam

If you want to enjoy Amsterdam on a bike, you can get Amsterdam bike rental tickets with museuly.

What is your first association with Amsterdam? Ok, coffee shops. But, number 2 is probably bikes! And maybe canals as well 🙂

But, if you want to feel what is like to be a real Amsterdammer – a bike is a must.

Amsterdam bike rental with Yellow Bikes

Yellow bikes have been in the business from 1990, they are centrally located and offer high-quality bikes. You can rent standard Amsterdam bike from 9 euro, but if you want better bikes, tour advice and full 24-hour rent – Yellow Bikes Amsterdam should be your choice.

Yellow Bike is among one of the most popular bike rental businesses in Amsterdam. Since 1990 more than 100,000 site visitors have experienced their bike tours. This bike rental business has 2 various areas in the centre of Amsterdam, all within strolling range of Central Terminal.

Check out Amsterdam by bike with Yellow bikes!
Yellow Bike is a popular bike hire, welcoming site visitors to discover Amsterdam by bike. Choose from a choice of fantastic Yellow Bike scenic tours with the city. Yellow bikes offer Amsterdam tour additionally with bikes, that’s why bike rental + guided Amsterdam tour for 15 euro is the lowest price in the city. If you prefer, you could additionally just employ a bike and also see Amsterdam’s by yourself or with pals.

Fun fact – there are more bikes in Amsterdam, than people.

Also, in my experience, exploring city on a bike is much easier, than on foot. Especially, if you want to see the whole city in one or two days. If you plan to visit, e.g. Ann Frank house, Rijksmuseum, explore canals, old city – everything in one day – the best thing you could do is just use a bike. If you try this or similar itinerary on foot or even with public transport you can be really exhausted in the end of the day.

Therefore, cycling is for sure the best way to get around Amsterdam.

So, hop on a bike and also cycle with the city. In this manner you could take pleasure in the gorgeous roads, structures as well as canals like citizens do. Discover the city at your very own pace, leave the bike anywhere you want and don’t hurry up if you don’t want to. The bikes are geared up with 2 locks and also are extremely comfy as well as secure.

Amsterdam bike rental

Yellow Bikes Amsterdam have a large option of secure, strong bikes in all dimensions as well as very discreet colours. Along with pedal brake as well as handbrake versions, there are those with several equipments or little structures for (older) children as well as teenagers, and also child tandem bikes also.

If you would like a few breaks during your trip, or jsut spend some time in your place and return to biking – you can do that with Yellow Bikes. The rental beginnings when you get the bike and also if you maintain the bike overnight, the store costs each 24-HOUR, not by schedule day. If you maintain it longer compared to 24-HOUR, they will not bill an added complete day, simply a half day much more till shutting time at 18:00.

So, get 24-hour Amsterdam bike rental tickets and enjoy this fascinating city like a local. Get tickets in advance, so you can save some time on place and it’s much easier to do online.