Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn TV Tower is the highest building in Estonia, reaching up to 314 metres. The tower originally built for public broadcasting offers in addition to the unique and breathtaking view a myriad of exciting experiences.

The view from Tallinn TV Tower is unique in Estonia as well as in all of Northern Europe. Under your feet are the woods of Muuga. The captivating Tallinn Old Town and the glistening Baltic Sea in all of its majestic glory are off in the distance. When Estonia was still behind the Iron Curtain, this was for many Estonians a window on the free world – at night one could even catch sight of the lights of Helsinki.

To illustrate the view, visitors can use multimedia screens: to increase the area visible in it or seeing what the place looked like in the past. It is a view that must be seen. And – experienced!

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