Listing Region: Kyiv

Shistdesyatnitstvo Museum in Kyiv

The Museum of the Shistdesyatnitstvo – a branch of the Museum of History of Kyiv – was created on the initiative of a public organization with a similar name. The collection of the Museum is based on private collections of Ukrainian dissident scholars. Exposition presents artistic works of talented and original artists (painting, graphics, sculpture, exlibris, application, poster), samples of samizdat, thematic library (Ukrainian and foreign editions), manuscripts, unique photographs and documents, personal things of the sixties and other subjects. Together, the collection has up to 30,000 items of museum value.

Kyiv Museum of Occupation

Museum of Occupation of Kiev is a branch of the Museum of History of Kyiv. Since its inception in 2008, it has been called the Museum of Partisan Glory. In 2015, by order of the Museum of the History of Kyiv, it was renamed Museum of Occupation of Kyivv. A rethinking of historical events in the context of national and national policy led to the need to correctly present the history of the city in the most dramatic periods of the life of the Ukrainian people: from the beginning of the Ukrainian Revolution in 1917 – to the restoration of ... Read more

Pushkin Museum in Kyiv

Kyiv Museum of O.S. Pushkin was opened to visitors in May 1999, on the eve of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great poet. But the history of the museum began much earlier – in 1987, when the well-known Kyiv collector, bibliophile and bibliographer Jacob Berdichevsky transferred his famous “Pushkinian” as a present to the city. The main condition and wishes of the collector was the creation of the museum. Enthusiasm of Berdichevsky was supported and the museum was created in the same year. For several years, the museum was a department at the National Museum of Arts ... Read more

Szolem Alejchem Museum in Kyiv

In an apartment on Velyka Vasilkovskaya, 5 (this is where the Museum is located), Sholom Aleichem lived from 1896 until the middle of 1903 (he left this house between April and August 1903). This was the best time of his writer’s life. Here he wrote “Menachem-Mendl”, “In the small world of little people”, “New Kasrilovka” (“All Berdichev”), some stories from “Tevye-molodchar” and others. In addition to the main exposition hall in the Museum there is a hall for variable expositions, in which almost every month new exhibitions of works of artists are presented, the works of which reflect the Jewish ... Read more

Museum of Diaspora in Kyiv

The Ukrainian Diaspora Museum was founded in 1999. It is a branch of the Museum of History of Kyiv. The exposition tells about the history of Ukrainian emigration and famous Ukrainian emigrants, who glorified Ukraine far beyond its borders. In the museum you can get acquainted with the life and work of prominent figures of culture, science and art of Ukrainian origin, to see unique photographs and documents telling about the complex life trials of former compatriots and their path to success. Among the unique exhibits is a collection of works of art and personal belongings of the Krichevsky family, ... Read more

Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Memorial Museum in Kyiv

Every Ukrainian knows the name of Mikhail Hrushevsky. Some are familiar with his work. Most imagine him as a state-maker, and just a few – like a man, loving husband and gentle caring father. Not everyone was fortunate enough to visit the academic’s residence, plunge into his scientific “laboratory”, the world of tastes, and feel the unique aura of a great friendly family. You have the opportunity! Visit Pankivska, 9 in Kyiv at the Historical and Memorial Museum of Mikhail Hrushevsky. The museum is a branch of the Museum of History of Kyiv.

Mikhail Bulgakov’s Museum in Kyiv

The memorial museum of M. Bulgakov was founded in 1989 as a branch of the Museum of the History of Kyiv. The house was transferred to the museum building No. 13 on the Andriivsky Descent. It was here that from 1906 to 1919 the family of the professor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy A.I. Bulgakov lived (father of M. Bulgakov). Bulgakov’s youthful and student life took place in this building. He also returned from the front of the First World War here. In this house he worked as a doctor and took patients. Here he read his first stories. It was ... Read more

Kyiv History Museum

The exposition of the second floor of Kyiv History Museum is devoted to the history of Kiev from the ancient times to the beginning of the twentieth century. Here are archaeological finds of the Х-ХІІІ centuries, complexes of materials of the Cossack era, personal things of Kyiv citizens, who lived in Kiev at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and created the unique image of the city.

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine

Pyrohiv Museum – is an open-air architectural and ethnographic complex, which means, that all the exhibits of the museum are located not in pavilions or other buildings, but in the open air, making the museum extremely attractive for tourists from all over the world. The museum presents with remarkable accuracy and reliability the memoirs of material culture of all regions of Ukraine. Here you can not only spend weekends or weekdays and enjoy the holiday, but also see and buy real Ukrainian sovereigns: towels, traditional vyshyvanky and fashionable modern men’s, women’s and children’s embroidered clothes, folk toys, often you can ... Read more

National Museum “Holodomor Victims’ Memorial”

National Museum “Holodomor victims’ Memorial” is a state museum-Memorial, which tells the story of the Holodomor – genocide of Ukrainian people, organized by the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and the Soviet government in 1932-1933. Losses of Ukrainian nation from Holodomor by inconclusive data are at least 7 million people – in that time Ukrainian SSR and 3 million – outside of Ukrainian borders: in Kuban region, Central Black Earth region, Volga region and Kazakhstan. The museum consists of memorial part (Candle of Memory, sculpture of the girl with ears in her hands “Bitter memories of childhood” “Millstones of destiny” on the ... Read more